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Renovation Sequence... Maximizing Efficiency.

Efficiency is important. To the common person, (me) an example is putting cream into your mug first, then adding the coffee from the pot second, allowing the coffee to stir and fill at the same time. No spoon needed... BOOM. The order in which you do things is important, this is sequence.

In a renovation, sequence is crucial as it can save money, complete projects faster, and produce a better product for a homeowner. The sequence is usually controlled by whomever is leading the job, often a contractor, or a homeowner if they decide to control their own renovation. Have you ever experienced a renovation that felt stressful, chaotic, deadlines were being missed, and you felt completely out of the loop. Yeah... Been there. This is usually directly related to a lack of sequencing and leader ship within the project.

A proper sequence of events would look something like this... Here at LVM, we do remodeling services... An example of our services sequence would include: drywall seal, paint ceilings/walls, install flooring, install baseboards and trim, caulk, then paint baseboards and trim..

Why that order? Lets loop back to the coffee sequence.. A renovation objectively is a chain of events. The objective is to eliminate variables, and minimize moving parts by initiating an EFFECTIVE sequence. Yes.. yell effective. Merely having a sequence, does not make it effective... The order starts with minimum time prepping and protecting. There are no floors down yet, the only things to protect is windows (usually), seal completed. Time to paint, protection hasn't changed, ceiling are painted. Walls are then cut in and painted (easier to cut into a ceiling then cut a ceiling into a wall). Flooring is then installed. Trim/baseboard is next, trim and baseboards are then caulked and painted. Any touch ups are completed and finish.

This sequence cant always occur, not all renovations are the same. This is where expertise and knowledge are useful. I hope this was helpful, I'll end with a quote.

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker

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