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Owner: Luciano Mazzoni

We are a small local company located in Victoria B.C. We serve and operate in Saanich, Esquimalt, Sidney, Victoria, and Langford.

WCB Certified.


Licensed Business.

Why Choose Us?

At LVM, a high standard, is the standard. We value integrity, accountability, teamwork, humility, and leadership. 

We acknowledge the negatives that can appear in the industry. We look to set to re establish the standard through innovation and customer service.

Our Product is more than what you see at the end of the project; It is the feeling you get while its being completed. 

The Beginning

I started LVM Home Improvement in 2022, with the mission of providing a high value experience to clients, employees, and other Contractors. Specifically, the vision is to become the experts in value renovations, providing all services to transform your home into a beautiful, high value asset. Growing up, I lived in an older house, green carpets, tacky paint/wallpaper, tight enclosed layout, etc.. I wanted to take it all apart and start fresh. At the time, I did not know where to start. This inspired me to learn the skills to renovate as I grew older. Through the company I can provide the service I wanted to give to my childhood home, to others.

The business is currently expanding services, Thanks for the support while we continue the journey.

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