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Interior Painting Services!

Painting is one of the most common ways homeowners change the feeling, and aesthetics of a room. In this post, I will discuss the different packages of painting services and provide a range of costs for each one.

Lets get into the different packages, and how they effect pricing... I'm not going to sugar coat it... paint is expensive in 2022/2023... Even with contractor pricing, you are looking $70-$90 a gallon for a high grade paint. Painting labor ranges based on the company and how they charge. However, you can usually expect to pay between $50-$100 an hour for labor, or $1.50-$2 per coverage square foot. (square footage of walls/ceilings being painted)

Fresh coat package: This entails a fresh, 1 coat of paint on the walls with some minor blemish repair. This is great for having a new tenant move in, or simply maintaining the paint job of your home once a year. For this service, you can typically expect to pay between $450-$600 a standard 10x12 room. If you include ceilings and trim, the price can increase.

Color change full paint: This package includes changing the color of a room, involving 2+ coats, drywalls repairs, and primer. This is quite common for renovations, where homeowners are looking for more value in there home. Often changing rooms from browns, or oranges to lighter colors. This package costs between $650-$1200 a room depending on the extent of the job. Kitchens and bathrooms and tall ceilings range higher.

Fresh drywall, full paint/seal: This package Includes a full seal of the drywall using a primer/sealant that allows the paint to bond to the drywall. Two coats of paint are then applied to the walls and ceilings of the desired color. This usually involves new renovation/construction, and the next stage would be adding trim/flooring to the room. Price ranging from $850-$1500 depending on the scope of the room.

During a consultation, these packages can be discussed for what best fits the homeowners desires.

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