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Interior/Exterior Painting.

Protect Your Exterior!

Painting your exterior is important for prevention of damage to your home. A good exterior paint job saves you costs down the road. 

Make your home feel new again!

Add curb appeal to your home!

One of the easiest ways to add value to your home is to modernize and refresh the curb appeal through paint.

Create a calm environment inside your home!

Paint colors inside your home can have a drastic change on the feeling of the room. Create a comfortable environment for you to live in!


AFTER The study.JPG


BEFORE The study.JPG

Flooring Installation!

Get rid of old Carpet!

Old Carpet can act as a filter in your home. Dust and bacteria gets stored in the carpet and releases into the air over time.

Get your floors installed right!

Preparation is key when installing a floor. Expansion gaps, and subfloor prep  is vital to the value of a floor. With the moisture content in BC so high, the right underlayment needs to be present to prevent major issues down the road. 

Make your floor high quality!

Flooring can add personality to your home. The feeling under your feet varies for different products as well as there functionality. There are even options to dampen the sound of people walking in your home.



Kim Flooring Before.JPG
Carpentry Services!

Bring your home to its full potential with new trim and baseboards!

The trim and moldings in your home can be an easy tell on if your home is updated or not. With different thicknesses designs, moldings can offer a range of pleasant appearances.


Utilize unfinished space!

Your pay for every square foot of your home, lets find a way to use it. 

Audra bench before.JPG
Bench at Audras.HEIC



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